Taipei JianTan of the Tango ,from the French windows in the guestroom, one can enjoy the green landscapes of steep hills or overlook the swimming pool.

At a downtown location near the JianTan MRT station, the hotel stands as an arty and urban-chic space fusing all-natural element like water, greeneries, light, shadow and wind.

Taipei JianTan features a collage design of large multiple squares added with wood grain grilles for a quality texture. Surrounded by YuanShan’s natural landscapes and supported by the MRT transport, guestrooms with balconies offer a mesmerizing view and sufficient sunlight during the day. The morning starts with a breathtaking view from the French windows. Exuberant energy is in free flow, from inside and out.

In addition to the art fusion, our hotel carries on with the Tango Group’s attitude in delivering perfect services from the moment you step in. Here at Taipei JianTan, you can rely on our travel tips to secret spots, sway with the music, chill by the poolside and get tipsy at the Lobby Bar.

Taipei JianTan is certainly worth a re-visit. You will want to keep coming back to this new landmark in ShiLin YuanShan!