Can I check-in early or late check-out?

Requests for early check-in or late check-out are honored as space permits. If the hotel you are visiting is full, we may be unable to grant your request.

Is there has other special rate?

Please book the room through "www.tango-hotels.com" we offer the best price there.

What is check in/check out time?

check-in time 16:00 pm.
check-out time 11:00 am.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, and Union pay card.

Can i store my luggages after check - out or if i early check- in ?

Yes. The guests can store the luggages after check - out or if the guest arrival early.




Do you allow smoking on property?

We are sorry, THE Tango is Non-Smoking.

How much for the breakfast fee?

Breakfast fee is NTD$400 for adult.
NTD.220 for child.
Free for the child under 3 years old.

Do you have a baby cot and baby bath tub?

Yes, we have. Please inform us in advance.

I have two reservations in the same time, could you please provide connecting rooms or adjoining rooms to us?

Unfortunately, We do not have connecting rooms or adjoining rooms. However, we may arrange the same floor if it is available. Please inform us in advance.




Is parking available at the hotel?

Our hotel has a parking lot.Parking spaces cannot be reserved in advance




What should I do, if I lost or forgot something in my room?

Please contact the hotel directly. Our rooms will be cleaned daily, so that your item probably has been found by our housekeeping team. we will also contact the guest to check guest lost and found iteams.

Do you exchange foreign currency?

Yes, we offer Euros, US, JPY, HK, CNY, exchange New Taiwan Dollars.